Are Allergies Making You Feel Foggy?

Get effective medical supplies at our drugstore in Elkhorn City, KY

Common colds and allergies can sometimes be just as brutal as the flu. When you're not feeling like yourself, you need to find effective medical supplies to give you some relief. When searching for a remedy in Elkhorn City, KY, browse the products at Nichols Apothecary.

Our family owned drugstore carries a large array of medication that will improve your symptoms and bring you comfort. You'll find everything from first-aid kit sets to allergy medication at our pharmacy.

Don't lose sleep over a nasty cold. Visit Nichols Apothecary to pick up cold relief medication.

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We strive to stock our local pharmacy with a variety of different medical supplies to meet all your needs. When you or your loved ones are sick, we're here to bring you some relief. Visit our drugstore in Elkhorn City, KY to find:

  • Pain relief medications: Find a cure for muscle aches and migraines.
  • Allergy medications: Don't suffer through allergy season sneezing.
  • Cold remedies: Get relief from a runny nose and sore throat.
  • Vitamin supplements: Maintain your health with essential vitamins.
  • First-aid kit items: Be prepared for scraped knees and other minor injuries.

We even carry oral health items. Contact us today to learn more about our medical supplies.